Our services

We are dedicated to providing quality laundry service and convenience to our customers. We sort, carefully wash, dry, fold and pack your laundry. Your clothes may require gentle washing depending on the care labels specified. That is why we also provide Hand washing and Dry cleaning for your delicates and special items. We also offer ironing and steaming services for your freshly washed clothes. Look your best by having your clothes professionally pressed by us.

Commercial Laundry Service

Companies can save money and time on outsourcing laundry services, allowing their employees to focus on their core tasks.

We, at The Laundry Project, offers:

Professional Washing – We carefully wash your laundry and take care of your delicates. If you are not satisfied with our wash, we can re-wash your clothes for free if returned to us the next day.

Eco-friendly detergents – We use gentle cleaning agents especially for your delicates.

Simplified Booking – For pick up request, you can book thru our mobile app. Our friendly staff will notify you to confirm receipt of your request.

Our Commercial Laundry Clients include: