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Our Passion and Commitment

We are professionals and are committed to providing quality laundry and dry cleaning service for both our individual and corporate clients. We are always on the lookout for the latest technologies, more effective cleaning methods in dealing with stains and delicates. We are passionate about making our laundry service simple and convenient for our customers.

Commercial Laundry Service

Companies can save money and time on outsourcing laundry services, allowing their employees to focus on their core tasks.

We, at The Laundry Project, offers Professional Washing – We carefully wash your laundry and take care of your delicates. If you are not satisfied with our wash, we can re-wash your clothes for free if returned to us the next day.

Safe laundry detergents – We use gentle yet effective cleaning agents especially for your delicates.

Simplified Booking – For pick up requests, you can book online through our mobile app. Our friendly staff will notify you to confirm receipt of your request.

Our Commercial Laundry Clients include:

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